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Ottomon Nights Tour



information for Ottomon Nights Tour :

We are going to pick up our guests from their hotels and transfer to our private boat between 19:00 and 20:00. You will be greeted and set on board by our staff.
The cruise will start by the Golden Horn which surrounds the Old City along the north side.
After leaving behind the calm waters of Golden Horn, we will sail through the legendary Bosphorus where a breathtaking the legendary Bospgorus where abreathtaking picturesque view of Istanbul is waiting to go along. Evan for the one who has already been on a day cruise to Bosphorus, seeing Istanbul by the sunset will be definitely an unforgettable experience.
During this great cruise, you will enjoy our open buffet with salads, delicious hors d’oeuvre, grilled meat balls, Chicken Shish Kebab, Adana Kebab and Fruit.
If you don’t want to have Alcoholic Drinks, you can choose ST-140 which is only EUR 60 If you like to have ultimitted Alcoholic* Drinks to be served during the program, you can book ST-141 for Eur 80.
Our program starts with typicl Turkish songs while you taste the delicious foods. A little while, once the lively timbres begin to catch you, our professional folklore team will present a potpourri of the most famous Anatolian dances. Little before you find your self going with the rhythm, a breathtaking performance of Belly Dance Show will enchante the night.
We promise, you will ask to stay more once we will be back at the harbor around midnight.
*Alcoholic Drinks cover Wine, Beer, Rakio, Vodka and Gin.

Everynight Available All Year Round


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